Covid-19: The Start

Covid-19: The Start

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By Layla Messner
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo


I was commissioned by curator Bruce Schmaltz to create a triptych related to Covid-19, based on a concept from Jungian Psychology called "circumambulation" (meaning to look at something from all sides).

The task was to go into Deep Meditation and receive an image from the unconscious on three prompts, and then paint each image.

The prompts were:

- The Start

- The Now

- The Future

 This is Part 1: The Start, and it tells the story of the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The abstract expressionist acrylic painting features the image that came to me in meditation to describe the beginning of the pandemic: a whirlpool started by a single drop of blood.

At this stage, the pandemic was still called "Corona Virus." The loss of life that is to come is hinted at in the growing ripples and the blood spreading through the water.

 Interesting Fact: I experience some synesthesia, mostly linking sight and taste. As I was laying down the strokes of thick red paint, I spontaneously taste blood. It was a taste that lingered.