Covid-19: The Future

Covid-19: The Future

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By Layla Messner

Original paiting: SOLD

Prints: printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo


In January 2021, I was commissioned to create a triptych by Bruce Schmaltz, producer and curator of the 360 Covid Installation experience, which is based on a concept from Jungian Psychology called "circumambulation" (meaning to look at something from all sides).

The task was to go into Deep Meditation and receive an image from the unconscious on three prompts, and then paint each image.

The prompts were:
- The Start
- The Now
- The Future

This is Part 3: The Future, and it tells the story of the future of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The abstract expressionist acrylic painting features the image that came to me in meditation to describe the future of the pandemic (as of February 2021): a total eclipse of the sun over a dark ocean, the red of blood, fading away in the bottom right, as we move into the future.

The image I saw in meditation had one extra element that I wasn't able to include: a golden angel wing. The golden light is a more symbolic way of depicting the angelic presence.

This image feels deeply optimistic to me.