Our Story

Have you ever wondered why some dreams take so long to come true? That's definitely what we wondered about when we first met at a local café. We'd both been in town for years, ran in the same circles, got invited to the same parties...and yet somehow we had never spoken, until that day. Three days later, we had our first date, Less than as week after that, we committed to being in a relationship. For the first four months of our relationship, we saw each other every single day (fortunately after that, we learned how to have boundaries!) We are both survivors of childhood trauma who spent a lot of time in the wilderness. About a year and a half into our relationship, we discovered we share another major thing in common...

In 2020, Láyla realized she's autistic and started sharing everything she learned about neurodiversity with Kelly. The more we talked about it, the more Kelly started to think, "I might be autistic, too." He called his parents and they admitted he'd been diagnosed in childhood - but they'd wanted him to grow up without stigma, so no one had told him!

Now, we speak on mental health, neurodiversity, and relationships.

  • Artist Layla Messner

    Láyla Messner is the social entrepreneur on a mission to create emotionally healing art. Láyla is the creator of Art Alchemy paintings for emotional healing and the author of DEMOLITION LOVE. She is also the founder of Fashion with Meaning.

  • Fashion with Meaning

    Láyla is the founder of Fashion with Meaning, the made-to-order fashion line bringing a little magic to the workday with whimsical, hand-painted designs. Each purchase helps protect girls from growing up too fast. FashionWithMeaning.com

  • Kelly's Perspective

    We cater to all your mountain lifestyle photography needs. Whether you're eloping in the alpine, taking a family vacation, or building your instagram presence, Kelly's Perspective will accompany you on your adventures and help capture the memories. KellysPerspective.com

Meet the Speakers

Láyla Messner

An autistic survivor of childhood trauma, Láyla grew up to earn a Master's degree in post-traumatic growth. Now she's a social entrepreneur and transformational speaker sharing her journey of triumph over complex PTSD and how she became "Too Happy to Handle." Along the way, she confides the secrets of her creativity, freedom, and mystical connection with Universal Love. 


Kelly Russell

Kelly doesn't believe in silence. As a male survivor of childhood trauma and bullying, he's speaking up! He's talking man-to-man about overcoming trauma through connection, athletics, and smashing goals. A funny and lively speaker, he shares his story of growing up in the prairies, moving to the mountains, and developing an obsession with heights - all while inspiring you to overcome your fears.


Are you ready for a transformation?

  • Can I book just one of you?

    Absolutely! Just let us know who you'd like to book when you contact us. We do offer discounted rates when you book us together.

  • Where do you speak?

    We love to travel and are available to speak at both local and international events.

  • Do you need any special equipment?

    Hand Láyla a microphone and a bottle of water, and she's good to go. Kelly will also need an AV set up, so he can share slides.

  • What are your rates?

    Our speaking fees vary depending on several variables including the location, duration, and audience size. Please inquire for exact rate.

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