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  • A sleeveless dress with an asymmetrical hem and a bohemian print. Design based on fine art is complex and multi-layered.
  • A sleeveless dress, shown from the back, with an asymmetrical hem and a bohemian print. Design based on fine art is complex and multi-layered.
  • Fashion with Meaning Size Chart, showing sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.
  • Fashion with Meaning Size Chart, showing international size conversions, for sizes sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.
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Layla Messner

DREAMER Layla Messner Asymmetrical Dress

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Fashion with Meaning

"I like my clothes to have meaning. That's why I created this fashion line based on my healing artwork.

This piece is created from my painting, The Dreamer, which was designed to inspire the wearer to have healing ludic dreams." ~ Alchemical Healing Artist and Fashion Designer Láyla Messner

See below for more details on what inspired the design.


Product Details:

Made in Canada!

Stretch knitted fabric

Smooth silky-feel finish

Scuba Knit (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex)

Machine Washable & Wrinkle-free (great for traveling!)

Sizes XS to XL

Length: 38.25" at the shortest, 44" at the longest 

Please see Size Chart images for sizes

Actual colors may vary slightly, depending on your viewing screen


About the "Dreamer" design:

This design is based on my intuitive, healing painting, "The Dreamer", which was inspired by Charlie Morley's Lucid Dreaming masterclass on Mindvalley.

I taught myself to lucid dream at 19 or 20 years old and then went on to spend a full semester studying dreams during my master's degree. Then I let my lucid dream practice slide because, at the time, I felt that I wasn't getting full value from my dreams by trying to control them.

When I listened to Charlie Morley's masterclass, I knew his teachings contained the techniques I'd been missing - tools that would allow me to use lucid dreaming to deepen my relationship with the Unconscious. I was immediately determined to reawaken my lucid dreaming powers, and especially to start having healing lucid dreams.

As an alchemical artist and Art Witch, I create art to support the healing process. So I set out to create a painting to help me start lucid dreaming again.

Each day I worked on the painting, I listened to Charlie Morley's books to help me focus on my intention. In the first two months after getting to work on this painting, I had five lucid dream healings, then went on to have many more. 

Because only one collector can enjoy the benefits of the original, I wanted to spread the magic, so to speak, by making it more accessible. Now you can literally surround yourself with magickal art, through this piece and the full Fashion with Meaning collection.

Interested in adding the original painting to your collection? Get more details here.



Machine Washable & Wrinkle-free

Fabric great for traveling!

Using the dryer may damage any piece of clothing faster in the long run. However, they are dryer safe, since the fabric is already shrunk and has already been heated to 400 degrees.



When you order a Fashion with Meaning piece, it is made to order in Quebec, Canada. Your designer fashion piece will be delivered to you in approximately 30 days, when shipped to Canada or the US.

Be sure to order early and thank you for your patience, while we make your piece(s) specifically for you.

If you'd like to ship to Europe, please contact me for a custom quote.