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Layla Messner

The Dreamer

The Dreamer

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This painting, "The Dreamer", was inspired by Charlie Morley's Lucid Dreaming masterclass on Mindvalley.

I taught myself to lucid dream at 19 or 20 years old and then went on to spend a full semester studying dreams during my master's degree. Then I let my lucid dream practice slide because, at the time, I felt that I wasn't getting full value from my dreams by trying to control them.

When I listened to Charlie Morley's masterclass, I knew his teachings contained the techniques I'd been missing - tools that would allow me to use lucid dreaming to deepen my relationship with the Unconscious. I was immediately determined to reawaken my lucid dreaming powers, and especially to start having healing lucid dreams.

As an alchemical artist, I create art to support the healing process. So I set out to create a painting to help me start lucid dreaming again.

Each day I worked on the painting, I listened to Charlie Morley's books to help me focus on my intention. In the first two months after getting to work on this painting, I had five lucid dream healings, and went on to have many more. 

The abstract intuitive painting is 36 x 48, acrylic on gallery canvas and incorporates symbolism. Original painting only; frame not included. (Mockup scale is not exact. Please measure your space prior to purchasing.)

Please note: The images on this product page are as true to color as possible. The image in the hero section of our home page has been photo edited and is not accurate. 


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