"All heart."

- USA Today Bestselling Author A.L. Knoor


Láyla's story is filled with resilience, optimism, and a deep love for humanity.

Why Layla?

Láyla Messner is a creative entrepreneur on a mission to create a safe haven through art. She is an abstract artist and the author of DEMOLITION LOVE, as well as the founder of Painted Love Co.

Láyla's talk, "5 Things You Need To Live With More Joy During Turbulent Times", has been featured on Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

An survivor of complex trauma, she went on to earn a Master's degree in post-traumatic growth. Now she's a prolific creator and transformational speaker sharing her journey to finding emotional safety through art. Along the way, she inspires us all to provide safe space for others and, perhaps most of all, for ourselves.

"She's been through all these things that allow her to understand foundational truths to being human."

Dani Redfern, Award-winning Designer, Writer, and Neurodiversity Activist

Transformational Talks

  • The Resilience Mindset

    Practical strategies to help you dance with adversity in difficult times

  • The Art of Safe Space

    Creating welcoming environments for authentic connection and emotional safety

  • Chatting with the Future

    Exploring the possibilites of AI and its impact on creativity and communication