If you're seeing this, you must be on the recruitment team at Mindvalley. Welcome. I'm so excited you're here! You see, I've been obsessed with Mindvalley since watching the Lifebook Masterclass in 2019. Today, Mindvally content is how I like to wake up, wind down before bed, and relax on days off. I would love to contribute my skills in writing and content creation to Mindvalley's mission of changing the future of education.

- Láyla


  • "Please where a mask."

    A personal appeal.

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  • "Do not mistake inconvenience for oppression."

    The psychology of pandemic denial.

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  • "Mask panic? Let me help."

    Tips for overcoming mask-related panic.

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  • "Tonight I'm thinking about the tarot..."

    The 5 of pentacles used to be the card I most feared in the tarot deck. Now it's my favorite.

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I'm excited to hear more about how I can contribute my creative skills to the team at Mindvalley.

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