The future is here.

Bringing with it an exponential increase in the speed of innovation. Is your team prepared to compete or...

Are you losing promising creative talent to the competition?

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you should be getting more from your creative team, but you're not sure how to motivate them?

Do your creators start out full of fresh ideas only to grow stale as time goes on?

It's time to STOP recycling creative talent, wasting resources on recruiting and retraining, and limiting the innovation potential of your team through poor creative-management practices. 


Are you ready...? discover why you're not getting as much from your creative talent as you should be? stop the creative drain from your organization? create a company culture that nurtures innovation in ALL members of your team? support resilience for each team member and your organization as a whole? leverage artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence? increase your company's impact while building a more psychologically fulfilled team?


I help leaders maximize the innovation potential of their teams and create more resilient companies by harnessing the power of the nervous system, working with the creative process rather than against it, and leveraging A.I. on a a foundation of human authenticity and connection. 

Láyla Messner (she/her)

Hi, I'm Layla, founder of Painted Love Co., the company on a mission to help marriages last through one-of-a-kind fine art and wedding decor. As a multi-disciplinary innovator and certified artificial intelligence developer, with a background in psychology, I bring a deep understanding of the psychological requirements for innovation, what it takes to nurture creative talent, and how to leverage A.I. within a company culture that remains deeply human. I help social enterprises maximize innovation, resilience, and authentic connection for greater impact and more fulfilled teams.


"A one-woman think tank."

Chef Tasha Sawyer

  • Innovation Audit

    Discover the areas where you're draining creative talent and missed opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence.

  • Creativity Training

    Not just for your creative team members - every member of your organization can learn to be more creative.

  • Leadership Coaching

    A creative culture starts at the top. Get 1-on-1 support for your leadership team to nurture their innovation potential.


  • Recharge Principles for entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists to create sustainably.
  • Polyvagal Theory for nervous-system-friendly work environments that support innovation.
  • Spoon Management for neurodiverse and disabled entrepreneurs and team members.

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