If you want to heal the world...

...you know you can't wait for the world to be ready. You accept that there will always be naysayers; you're used to them by now. You no longer waste energy listening to or arguing with people who can't see your vision.

Having learned to trust yourself, you act on faith, greenlighting your own projects and letting spirit lead you.

If you've been hearing an inner whisper that is growing to a shout - telling you there's a public art project or exhibition you are guided to put on, to benefit the world - you are in the right place! I can help you have the emotional impact you want to have and leave your legacy for the world.

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If you want to heal yourself...

...you know that you have a big purpose and the world needs you at your best to carry it out. You know that your healing is not just for you; it's for your loved ones and everyone else you are meant to impact.

You believe in your own wholeness and aren't willing to wait for anyone else's permission to heal; you're ready to commit to your wellbeing and trust the universe to have your back.

Each year, I take a limited number of commissions to support individuals on their emotional healing journeys. I would love to create a unique painting specifically for you or a loved one.

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My Story: From Complex PTSD to 'Too Happy to Handle'

Contemporary expressionist artist Layla Messner



I am the eldest daughter of alpinist and explorer, Reinhold Messner, who was the first person to solo Everest without oxygen. Unlike my siblings however, I did not grow up with my father, spending the summers in Juval Castle in South Tyrol, Italy, and taking adventures around the world. Instead, I grew up in Canada with my mother, learning resilience in a much different way.

For the first few years of my life, my mother was a backcountry ranger, a caretaker for British Columbia provincial parks, and I believe the time I spent in nature contributed to my resilience for what happened later on. The rest of my childhood was extremely traumatic as I endured all ten Adverse Childhood Experiences identified by the CDC-Kaiser study. I survived through a combination of dissociation and amnesia — for example frequently telling myself that traumatic events hadn’t really happened but were only bad dreams — as well as a buoyancy that I believe has its roots in my early childhood connection to nature. My vivid imagination became a haven I could escape to and as a result, rather than growing out of it, I strengthened my creativity over time.

I also developed, completely without guidance, the ability to access a haven of Love within myself and to channel that energy for my own emotional healing. This foundational experience led to my mystical approach to life and a lasting sense of connection to the force of Love that both infuses and encompasses everything.

A fierce warrior on my own behalf, I earned a master's degree in post-traumatic growth from Goddard College in Vermont, where I explored the link between creativity and emotional healing. Next, I studied Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2014, I willingly entered a three-year dark night of the soul to face my own wounds and heal myself. During that time, I reclaimed my real self and discovered that I am an artist. Whereas trauma had left me disconnected from my intuition, self-trust, and female body, painting helped me reconnect. 

One morning during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, when my boyfriend was stuck home from work, he complained that I was way too cheery in the morning. I couldn’t help but laugh. Me, the girl who used to leave parties in tears…had become too happy to handle! 

That same year, I stumbled on a social media post by a kindred spirit saying she'd discovered she's autistic. Just a few weeks later, one of my best friends confided the same thing. These two revelations sent me on a journey of discovering my own autistic identity. Finally, I had the language to understand my sensory sensitivities. As I came to understand and communicate my limits and needs, I began to thrive in a way I never had before. 

In 2021, I was featured by Authority Magazine and Thrive Global as an expert on finding happiness in difficult times, and in 2022, I founded CustomWeddingDesigns.com. And that brings me to now. 

Today, I am a creative entrepreneur on a mission to change the way we think about trauma and healing. Drawing on my background in psychology, mythology, and symbolism, I create art that speaks directly to the unconscious mind to help others find resilience in love and life. I love sharing my message of triumph over adversity through paintings, books, and inspirational talks.

My current painting series, Art Alchemy, explores my own journey of living and loving as I integrate my autistic identity. 

Fans tell me my work helps them...

  1. Connect with themselves and their deep emotions
  2. Break chains and remember their freedom
  3. And heal on a soul level

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A portrait of designer, artist, activist Dani Redfern, with colorful paint powder on her face.

"When I look at Layla's artwork, I'm able to connect to my deep emotions. I feel like she's tapped into collective pain and joy; she's painting what thousands of women have felt for thousands of years and she's transmuting all that suffering. It's an alchemical transformation and it's very spiritual. She takes things that are of the soul, of the human condition, and captures them in paint.

Layla works magic through her art. The magic she works is healing, chain-breaking magic. She wants to free people of anything that makes them feel trapped or powerless. 

She's been through all these things that allow her to understand foundational truths to being human and so her work is easy to resonate with. There are a lot of experiences people have in common that create the same types of pain, wounds, and trauma. She paints about difficult things, but her paintings are easy to understand and leave you with a sense of optimism."

- Dani Redfern, Award-winning Designer, Writer, and Neurodiversity Activist


A photo of world-renowned Alpinist & Explorer

"Layla is an individual, creative personality, which she expresses impressively in her paintings. At my request, she has conjured up the imposing Howse Peak on canvas, which will be displayed in my new museum in South Tyrol."

- Reinhold Messner, World-renowned Alpinist & Explorer, Founder Messner Mountain Museums


A farmer in his field

"A symbolic artist who documents her process - and as an added bonus she is on time!"

- Bruce Schmaltz, Producer and Curator of the Sandbox ii Exhibition


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