What it means to be an Art Witch

I didn't choose the Art Witch label for myself; it was given to me by a fan.

I asked designer Dani Redfern, who is both a friend and an early collector of my art, to share how my work benefits her. This is what she said:

"Layla works magic through her art. The magic she works is healing, chain-breaking magic."

This was news to me - but it's always hardest to see our own strengths, isn't it?

Ironically, it's because I have been practicing magick for 25 years, that the fact that I'm an art witch never occurred me.

It's similar to how I feel about creativity: I attended a women entrepreneur networking meeting where the topic of discussion was, "What do you do to increase your creativity."

I was befuddled by the question. To me creativity is a way of life - my whole life and s designed to feed that fire and I bring creativity to everything I do.

I AM creativity; I embody it. Ditto for magic.

So once Dani mentioned it, it was obvious that I have always been an Art Witch.

Having practiced magick for 25 years, including high level priestess training in the lineage of Zsuzsanna Budapest, and a professional wordsmith, I feel qualified to spin my own definitions:

Magic (or Magick, to distinguish it from the so-called magic tricks performed on stage), is the art of creating transformation in the realms of the invisible, usually with the intention of sparking real change in the physical world, and usually employing symbolism.

Other spiritual practices which follow the same general principle include prayer, intentions, affirmations, and visualization, among others. These overlap with magic, witchcraft, and spells and can be incorporated in one's practice.

Magic, in other words, is a kind of creation.

To be successful as a witch, I have to be able to create change on a psycho-spiritual-energetic level that's strong enough to change my external life.

This is a way of life for me. And so when I paint I naturally do it. As an alchemical, healing artist, I paint to create inner and outer transformation - starting in the inner worlds of my clients.