Molten Semi-finalist & Other Updates

Hello! Lots has happened since you heard from me last. One really cool thing: Molten was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest hosted by Gotham Writer’s Workshop. The entry consisted of the first 250 words (i.e. the first page) of the manuscript, plus title. That’s it. Being a semi-finalist meant top 23 out of nearly 1000 entries. Pretty cool, no? I think so.

On February 14 I finished draft 15 of Molten. Valentine’s Day FTW! (Finishing on that day turned out to be auspicious and awesome on a personal level as well, but I’m not going to tell that story here. Yet. ;)) I’ve started querying Molten. You know the drill–I won’t report much on the process until I sign with an agent. (As always, the word “until” is meant as an affirmation, not arrogance.)

As I was finishing up Draft 15, I got a new (better!) idea for how Molten would work without vamps. & I have edited the first 100 pages (about 40% of the ms) accordingly, in case there’s interest. I love the new idea, but my heart is still with the way I originally wrote it (raise your hand if you have an undying–undead?–love of vampires). *raises hand*

My new short story, “Rattlesnake Eyes,” is complete and out for beta-feedback right now.

I’ve begun edits on DEMOLITION, the YA dystopian with heavy romantic elements that I started drafting during 2011 NaNoWriMo. (March turned out to not be official NaNoReVisMo–not sure why I thought it was–so I ended up splitting the month between a variety of projects, rather than just this one.)

& I have a new writing partner with whom I am working on my very first feature-length screenplay! April is Script Frenzy, yo.

I feel very abundant and blessed, both writing- and personal-life-wise. & I am, as always, grateful to have people who care and follow along with my updates.


How are everyone else’s writing and other goals coming along?



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  1. Greetings!

    I am hopping over from GUTGAA and thought I would visit some blogs before the fun begins! Nice to meet you…you have a lovely blog!

    Donna L Martin

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